If you're only going to visit a few suppliers you don't need a car

For many people, especially those who have already made solid arrangements with just a few factories, it may be that the factory owners have already offered to meet you at your hotel with someone to pick you up in a car and shuttle you out to their production lines/factory. Additionally, if you know where you're going (and it's not, say, four different factories in one day) then you can just use cabs. However, sometimes it is much better to rent a car and a driver on a daily basis. One reason is that sometimes the location of the supplier/factory (or whomever you need to visit) is in a just slightly off-the-beaten-path location, and you'll have to wait to get a cab to leave that destination. In some factory districts there are fewer cabs just driving around and it is simply more economical timewise to have someone just waiting for us. There are lots of different sizes, models and types of cars you can rent. They usually range from 500 to 800 renminbi per day. If you have three or four people we can rent a family SUV or small van.
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