It's always best to use a native-speaker for written translation

When tranlating from language X into language Y, it is always most ideal to use a native speaker of language Y to do it for you. This is not practical when interpreting and normally not necessary. When I have a website translated from English into Chinese I always use a local translator.

When you hire me for written translation 80% of the fees you pay me go to my local, native Chinese translator. I have screened him and I screen/proofread what he's translated for me. I read widely in Chinese and I can catch even subtle errors when I'm reading it (as opposed to creating/producing the language myself).

Can I write in Chinese? Of course I can. I used to write essays at the University of Washington, by hand, using traditional Chinese characters (during the first and second years we write (again, by hand) using the mainland's simplified Chinese character set). During our third year we had to write using the traditional characters. Here in China (and abroad) we use a "pinyin" input system on our keyboards (pinyin is the most common for of transliteration used for Chinese). I can type/write letters or material in Chinese very quickly and easily. So, the answer is: yes, I was writing in Chinese over twenty (20) years ago.

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