Getting the full picture

It is much easier to listen (or read for that matter) and understand exactly the message/meaning someone is trying to convey than it is to reproduce it in a language that is not your native language. That is to say, one's speaking ability in a foreign language always trails one's ability to comprehend what's being communicated. One's speaking ability in a foreign language is always a good distance behind one's ability to apprehend meaning in that same foreign language. Many of the local interpreters here in Shenzhen have never even been outside their own country, let alone live for extended periods in an English-speaking country. Furthermore, many are too young to have had the time required to develop a truly wide and deep vocabulary range. That's key for listening (and reading) comprehension. You will not be able to engage in sophisticated, nuanced communication with them. That being said, you may feel you only need to communicate "how much, where, when will it arrive" or other such basic details as to products you which to purchase (or have made on your behalf). If they've got a bunch of samples for you to choose from, and you only want to modify the color, maybe that's all you need. I can certainly do that for you and more.

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